Viral Video of the Appearance of Clouds that Have Rainbow Colors in the Sky of China, Let’s See the Full Reviews


[ad_1] – The appearance of clouds that have rainbow colors in the sky of China suddenly caused a public uproar on social media.

This unusual phenomenon was shared by the juleo_o account on TikTok.

He recorded the appearance of colorful clouds against a blue sky as a background.

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The viral video has also been watched 155 million times and received 30 million likes, and has more than 170 thousand comments.

The majority of the comments in the upload ask where the rainbow cloud phenomenon is located to questions about the possibility of this phenomenon as a sign.

A TikToker then explained that the rainbow cloud phenomenon is called the Pileus Cloud.

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“Yes, these are pileus clouds. Their appearance is caused by dense air that rises, surrounds the cloud and condenses. Light refracts from the crystals that give color,” explained one TikToker in the comments column.

NASA also commented and provided an explanation of the Pileus Cloud phenomenon.

The United States Space Agency then explained that the Pileus Cloud has the potential to cause a hurricane.

“The formation of rare Pileus clouds overlapping cumulus clouds is common. This is an indication that the lower clouds are expanding upwards and may well develop into a storm,” NASA said.

Pileus clouds, although they look beautiful, can indicate a fast and strong air movement in the sky.

It can also be a sign that a storm is developing or approaching.

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