The following is an explanation of geography, let’s look at starting from the understanding of geography according to experts to the concept of geography


[ad_1] – Geography is the science that studies or examines all phenomena that exist on the surface of the earth, such as population, flora, fauna, rocks, climate, soil, water, and the interactions that occur between these phenomena.

The term Geography comes from the Greek, namely “geo” and “graphein”.

Geo means earth, and graphein means painting, writing, or description.

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Meanwhile, according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) Online, geography is the science of the earth’s surface, climate, population, flora, fauna, and the results obtained from the earth.

In simple terms, geography can be defined as the science that describes or describes the earth.

The following is the definition of geography according to experts, history, objects, branches of knowledge, and concepts that need to be known.

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– Definition of Geography According to Experts

Many definitions of geography have been put forward by experts, including the following:

1. Eratosthenes (276-194 BC)

According to him, geography comes from the word “geographica” which means writing or depiction of the earth.

2. Claudius Ptolemy

Geography is a presentation of part or all of the earth’s surface along with the phenomena contained therein in the form of a map.

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