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BONSERNEWS.com – Design is a form of planning the formation of an object, system, structure, and also components that are carried out by someone with the aim that the object created has a function, has aesthetic value, and is useful for humans.

Design also includes a work of applied art, industrial art, usability, architecture and other creative achievements.

Designs can be in the form of sketches, drawings or models.

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Etymologically, design is believed to come from the Italian word “designo”.

Designo means to make a preliminary sketch, to plan and carry out an experiment, or to form in mind.

According to the online version of the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), design is a form framework; design.

It can also be interpreted as motifs, patterns and patterns.

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Design consists of a series of continuous processes of thinking about people primarily, identifying goals, and planning ways to achieve them.

In broad terms, design is a plan that can be applied to create structures, products, services, features, and processes.

Design goals are much more closely tied to strategy than aesthetics.

In order to understand more, here is a further explanation about the design.

1. What are the Design Functions

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