Let’s Learn to Make Good and Correct Papers, Let’s Check Out What You Need to Know



BONSERNEWS.com – Discussion of papers is trending on Google.

The following is an understanding, an example of a framework and how to write a bibliography for those who want to try to make it.

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), paper has two meanings.

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First, papers are official writing on a subject which is intended to be read in public at a meeting and which is often drafted for publication.

The second definition, papers as student or student writing as a report on the results of carrying out school or college assignments.

In addition, there are many other definitions according to some experts.

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Quoting the Ministry of Education and Culture Repository, in 1994, WJS Poerwadar Minta interpreted a paper as a written description discussing a particular problem, which was put forward for further discussion.

Then Tanjung and Ardial define papers as written works that contain thoughts about a particular problem or topic, which are written systematically and are accompanied by logical and objective analysis.

After understanding the meaning of papers, you can learn about the characteristics of a paper, categories.

And the framework, to how to write a bibliography.


1. Characteristics of the Paper

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