Let’s get to know the origins of Muharram and what are its meanings and priorities, see the full review


BONSERNEWS.com – One of the most important months in the Islamic calendar is Muharram.

The word Muharram itself, comes from the word that is forbidden or prohibited and prohibited.

This means the prohibition to carry out war or bloodshed, and is considered sharam.

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Etymologically, Muharam means the preferred and glorified month.

The meaning of this language cannot be separated from the empirical and symbolic reality attached to that month, because Muharram is full of various historical events, both prophetic and apostolic.

Muharram is thus a historical moment full of meaning.

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It is called that because various important events in the historical process are accumulated in that month.

The beginning of the naming of Muharram with its meaning, based on the belief that this month is the new beginning of a year.

At the beginning, during the hijrah period, it was a time of war.

In history it is also stated that this month is a time that is highly respected, even when in Arabia there was never a war.

In the Qur’an Surah At Tawbah verse 36, Allah informs 4 great months (haram months) that must be glorified, namely Dzulqa’dah, Dzulhijjah, Muharram and Rajab.

During these months Muslims are prohibited from self-harm and instead are encouraged to do more good deeds. Allah made these four months (Dzulqa’dah, Dzulhijjah, Muharram and Rajab) as haram months (asyhurul-hurum).

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