Here’s What’s Prohibited On One Suro Night? What Are the Abstinences? Check out the full review below


[ad_1] – Do you know that there are some things that are prohibited on the night of one Suro?

The following are things that are prohibited on the night of one Suro:

1. No talk or noise

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The prohibition of the first one Suro night is not allowed to talk or be noisy.

The Javanese Islamic community does not even carry out a few silent rituals.

2. Leave the House

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Leaving the house can be done at any time for most people.

However, for some Javanese people, it is very forbidden to leave the house on the first Suro night.

This is usually when the date arrives, people will stay at home to avoid bad luck.

3. Married

As much as possible, holding a wedding is not recommended to be done on one Suro night because Javanese people believe in the myth of one Suro night.

4. Moving House

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