Threads, Today’s Trending Competitor Application on Twitter, Twitter Users Around the World Give Reviews


[ad_1], which is a competitor application that is currently trending and is a lively conversation on Twitter today.

The Threads application has also received attention from Twitter users around the world.

In reviewing Threads, there are interesting differences of opinion both regarding the apps themselves and from users of the two apps.

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Despite the humorous impression, Threads’ growing popularity on Twitter is attracting the interest of both Internet users and Twitter users.

Officially launched by Meta, the parent company of Facebook (FB), Instagram (IG), and WhatsApp (WA), on July 5 in 100 countries, including the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada, and Japan .

Unfortunately, the European Union is not included in the list of countries getting the launch of this app.

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According to the Twitter account @RohmanNisfi, there are pros and cons to Threads.

However, the launch of this application was made precisely at a time when Elon Musk was in the spotlight.

The spotlight on Musk has been around for a long time, he said.

Twitter users from various countries also gave their opinion about this Threads application.

Here are some opinions that we have summarized and translated for you.

According to @sh1tp13, Threads is a failure because it doesn’t have a search engine or hashtag feature, so it’s hard to find unless you already have a large following or are a big brand/company.

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