Government Commission VII Supports Nikuba and BRIN Facilitates Scientific Tests

0 – Member of Commission VII DPR RI Abdul Kadir Karding asked the government to provide support for Nikuba, a tool that is claimed to turn water into vehicle fuel, which was created by Aryanto Misel.

Karding said innovations that have an impact on technological progress in Indonesia should be appreciated by the state. The government’s concern and support is said to be able to expand research opportunities and innovation development as capital for the development of the Indonesian nation

“The government must be responsive and pro-active in embracing and supporting the development of the capabilities and innovations of the nation’s children so as to motivate the birth of extraordinary works from Indonesian sons and daughters,” said Karding, Friday 7 July 2023.

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According to Karding, the findings of Nikuba are quite encouraging and can be perfected with government support.

“It is not impossible that this innovation will make us free from fossil fuels, whose numbers continue to decrease every year,” he said.

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Nikuba is currently under discussion after the Head of Information for the Siliwangi Military Command, Colonel Inf Adhe Hansen, claimed that there was a cooperation agreement with the energy provider for Italian supercar manufacturers, Ferrari and Lamborghini. ()

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