Let’s ‘find out’ What are the comparisons between threads and Twitter? Let’s Check Out the Full Review


BONSERNEWS.com – Technology company based in the United States, Meta, officially released a new application called Threads on Thursday (6/7/2023).

According to Business Insider, Threads is a text-based application that is said to be a strong competitor for Twitter.

What’s more, Threads was released when Twitter owner Elon Musk was being bombarded with criticism due to his latest policy which limited the number of access to tweets.

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Threads seemed to be the answer for Twitter users who were disappointed and ready to switch applications.

In fact, before Meta released Threads, Twitter users had started migrating to an application called Truth Social.

Now, Threads is present in the world community and has the potential to attract many Twitter users.

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As a Meta product, Threads already has a potential user base from another popular application, namely Instagram.

This is believed to be one of the things that can make Threads big like Instagram or other Meta products.

It is proven, based on the BBC report, as many as 10 million users have registered for the Threads application within seven hours after Meta released the new application.

Broadly speaking, Threads and Twitter have a mission to meet the needs of users with different preferences or tendencies.

Based on the explanation on the TheNextDroid page, Twitter has fast and real-time characteristics so that users can make short updates while following trending topics and engaging in public conversation.

On the other hand, Threads, which in practice will be connected to Instagram, focuses more on personal communication and intimate connections.

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