Threads Want to Delete? If you want to delete this text-based application, you must delete the Instagram first


[ad_1] – Threads, a text-based application from the company Meta, has reached more than 10 million users since its release on Wednesday (5/7/2023).

The ease of registering an account is one of the features that Threads excels at.

Users simply need to log in with their respective personal Instagram accounts.

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After logging in using an Instagram account, the user’s Threads account profile is automatically created.

However, not many users realize that before entering using an Instagram account, users must comply with all existing policies.

This was revealed by Threads users who are also Farhan content creators. Through his Threads account @farhanzubedi, on Thursday (6/7/2023), he conveyed this policy.

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“Hiyaa, those who have created an account on Threads cannot be deleted. If you want to delete it, you have to share it with the Instagram account. So it can only be deactivated temporarily, and even then once a week,” he wrote on his account.

Netizens who don’t know much regret this policy from Threads.

But not a few also accept this policy by saying if it’s already done, just give up.

If you don’t want to use Threads, this account can only be temporarily disabled, and even then it can only be done once a week.

However, it is possible that this policy will one day change along with the development of the application in Threads.()

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