The Viral Issue of the Canceled ASEAN-wide LGBT Gathering in Jakarta, Recognize What is LGBT and Its Terms


[ad_1] – Recently, it was reported that the issue of ASEAN-wide LGBT gatherings in Jakarta has become a concern for some Indonesians.

It is known that the discovery of information about this ASEAN LGBT meeting came from a social media account which has now been closed.

In addition, the general deputy chairman of the MUI, Anwar Abbas, also appealed to the government not to give permission for these LGBT gatherings.

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This is because it is considered to have violated the provisions and moral values ​​that apply in the country of Indonesia.

So, do you know what LGBT really is? What are the terms in LGBT? Here is the review.

LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender.

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LGBT is a sexual orientation and identity that is outside of the common sex and gender orientations in society.

Lesbian is a term in LGBT that describes someone who has an interest in other people of the same gender.

The term refers to a woman who has sexual attraction to other women, or a man who thinks he is a woman.

Gay is a term similar to lesbian, except that it refers to the male gender.

However, in general, gays and lesbians actually have the same core, namely attraction to the same sex.

Then there are bisexuals. Bisexual is defined as a sexual orientation that defines a person’s sexual, romantic, or emotional attraction to two or more genders.

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