5 Special Points of Night 1 Suro that Rarely People Know, Point 5 Not to be Missed


BONSERNEWS.com – The night of 1 Suro is one of the very special celebrations in Indonesia, especially among the Javanese people.

This night has deep meaning and symbolism, and is considered a moment full of blessings and privileges. Here are some of the features of Malam 1 Suro.

1. Blessings and Prayers.
The night of 1 Suro is considered a very blessed night. Many people take advantage of this moment to pray and express gratitude and ask for blessings from God.

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Various prayers and worship are performed, including recitation, dhikr, and night prayers. This night is also considered as an opportunity to cleanse the heart and improve relations with fellow human beings.

2. Tradition and Culture
Malam 1 Suro has strong cultural values. Many traditions and rituals are carried out in welcoming this night, such as the “nyuwun banteng” tradition in East Java, where people ask for safety and blessings by parading stuffed bull horses.

Apart from that, in some areas there are also hereditary traditions such as eating typical food and preparing offerings for the ancestors.

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3. Welfare and Prosperity
The night of 1 Suro is also associated with prosperity and prosperity. Many believe that whatever is done on this night will give a multiplier result.

People use this night to plan new businesses, start projects or make positive changes in their lives.

Considered a good time to start anything that is expected to bring good luck.

4. Spirituality and Proximity to the Unseen Realm
The night of 1 Suro is believed to be the night where the real world and the unseen world are interconnected. Some people believe that the doors between the human world and the world of the supernatural are opened on this night.

Therefore, this night is also considered the right time to communicate with ancestors or spirits.

People perform special rituals, such as offering prayers to their ancestors or making offerings to honor them.

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