What is Satu Suro Night and When is Satu Suro Night in 2023? Let’s Check Out the Full Reviews Below



BONSERNEWS.com – Does anyone know, when is the night of one Suro 2023?.

The month of Suro is the first month in the Javanese calendar.

In Javanese culture, Suro is a sacred month.

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The tradition of the Javanese people, which coincides with the Islamic New Year 1 Muharram, is celebrated with various events.

However, what is one Suro night and when is one Suro night in 2023?

According to the website of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud RI), one Suro is the beginning of the first month of the Javanese New Year in the month of Suro, whose calendar refers to the Javanese calendar.

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Quoted from the website of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, the month of Suro is considered by the Javanese as a sacred month.

The commemoration of the night of 1 Suro also coincides with 1 Muharram which is the Islamic New Year.

The night of the first Suro is commemorated at night after maghrib time before the first Suro.

In the Javanese calendar, the change of day begins at sunset the previous day, not at midnight like the change of day in the Christian calendar.

The term Suro also comes from Arabic, namely Ashura which means ten. One Suro night which coincides with 1 Muharram in 2023 falls on Wednesday, July 19 2023.()

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