Fact! Only Female Mosquitoes Like Vampires Like to Suck Human Blood, Complete with Scientific Explanation



BONSERNEWS.com – Not all mosquitoes like to suck human blood. Only female mosquitoes do this. Why? There is a scientific explanation.

Female mosquitoes like to suck human blood because blood contains essential nutrients needed for the reproduction and development of their eggs.

Here are some reasons why female mosquitoes like to suck human blood:

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1. Nutrition for egg development

Human blood contains proteins that are essential for female mosquitoes to produce healthy eggs. This protein is not available in sufficient quantities in other food sources commonly consumed by mosquitoes.

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2. Interesting chemicals

Humans excrete certain chemicals through sweat and breathing that attract mosquitoes. For example, they are attracted to the smell of lactic acid and uric acid secreted by the human body.

3. Heat and humidity

Mosquitoes are also attracted to the heat and humidity generated by the human body. They can detect differences in temperature and humidity in their surroundings, enabling them to find their prey.

4. Sensitive olfactory system

Mosquitoes have a very sensitive olfactory system. They can detect chemical compounds released by the human body, including compounds related to respiratory and metabolic activities.

It is important to note that only female mosquitoes feed on human blood, as they need these nutrients for reproduction. Male mosquitoes mostly consume nectar and flower extracts as their food source.

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