BEWARE Prolonged sadness can affect brain structure and performance, experts say


[ad_1] – Some people may have experienced prolonged sadness.

There are many reasons why someone feels unhappy to experience protracted sadness.

Starting from goals that were never achieved to losing loved ones became the cause of these feelings of sadness.

Indeed, everything that people do in life is for the ultimate goal of ultimate happiness.

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But, did you know that humans are evolutionarily adapted to be unhappy?

That was explained by Dr Arvind Bhateja, Lead Neurosurgeon, Sparsh Hospitals, quoted from Indian Express.

“That’s because if we wanted to be happy, we wouldn’t go hunting, wouldn’t keep ourselves safe and protect ourselves from the dangers of prehistoric times.”

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“So, our default mode in the brain is for us to be unhappy,” he said in his latest video uploaded to Instagram.

Furthermore, he said that chronic unhappiness actually leads to changes in brain structure, and this has been demonstrated by functional MRI studies.

“There are various networks involved in the brain that are responsible for controlling thoughts, emotions, feelings and what is known as a feeling of subjective well-being,” says Dr Bhateja.

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