For younger siblings, it is mandatory to know the meaning of any Pancasila symbols, see the full review of the meaning of the Pancasila symbols


[ad_1] – Indonesia is a country with a large territory. The basis of the country is Pancasila.

Right on June 1, 1945, Pancasila was inaugurated by President Soekarno as the basis of the Indonesian state.

Pancasila had undergone several changes.

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Until finally Pancasila was listed in the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution.

The national symbol of Indonesia is the Garuda bird.

In the middle of the Garuda bird image there are 5 Pancasila symbols.

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The Garuda bird has a shield which is a symbol of struggle and self-protection to achieve goals.

The thick black line on the shield symbolizes an independent and sovereign nation that is on the equator.

The number of feathers on the neck of the Garuda bird is 45 which represents the year of Indonesian independence.

17 is the number of feathers on its wings which means the date of Indonesia’s independence.

Meanwhile, the 8 feathers on the Garuda bird’s tail are the symbol of the month of the proclamation of Indonesian independence.

The following is the meaning of the Pancasila symbol that school children need to learn and know.

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