Apart from BSI Bank, LockBit Ransomware Virus Attack Threatens These 8 Big Companies! Here’s the list



BONSERNEWS.com – The public was shocked by the news that BSI bank data was leaked due to a Ransomware virus attack that was published on LockBit’s dark web site.

LockBit claims to have published 1.5 TB of BSI Bank data after the bank failed to comply with a $20 million ransom demand.

Some examples of index files of Bank BSI distributed by LockBit include retail banking, Financial Risk & Recovery, Financial Operations, Extend Pelita Insani ATMs, BSI Official Home Files, Contract Requirements Documents, All BSI Employees, and others.

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Until this news was published, Bank Syariah Indonesia had not given an official statement regarding the news that Bank BSI was hit by a Ransomware virus belonging to Lockbit 3.0.

Ransomware viruses besides attacking companies in Indonesia, it turns out that there are several foreign companies that experience the same thing and ask for an average ransom of $ 390,000.

The following details a list of 8 companies that have been attacked by the LockBit 3.0 Ransomware virus

1. Chinadailyhk.com

It is a news portal owned by China that has been established since 1981. They have an active readership of 35 million and users worldwide.

Users from various parts of the world access it through various platforms such as newspapers, websites and smartphones, and social media. The company was given a D-6 deadline starting from May 16, 2023.

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2. Mundo-r.com

Spanish company providing internet access data for smartphones, wifi, cellular and television.

LockBit claims to have successfully downloaded 3TB of financial, legal documents, customer data, employees, and more. LockBit gives a deadline of 20 days from May 15, 2023

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