After the LockBit Ransomware Spreads BSI Bank Data, the following is a list of companies that have experienced similar attacks

0 – Tuesday (16/5) it was widely reported that the LockBit Ransomware had published Bank BSI data on the Dark Web after Bank Syariah Indonesia did not pay the ransom requested.

LockBit with its Ransomware virus claims that it has hacked BSI Bank files with a total of 1.5 TB (Terabytes) of data.

The LockBit website on the Dark Web gave a release about this and demanded a ransom of $ 20 million or equivalent to IDR 296 billion.

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Dark Web itself means a site on the internet that is deliberately hidden and requires a special device to access it so that not everyone can open it.

Some leaked BSI data such as BSI bank index files such as secretarial data, retail banking, Wholesale Banking, Financial Risk & Recovery, Financial Operations, extending Pelita Insani ATMs, Business Control, Funding & Transactions, BSI Office Documents, Contract Requirements Documents, All BSI Employers, and others.

However, until this news was revealed, Bank BSI had not given an official statement regarding this matter.

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Apart from attacking BSI Bank, the Ransomware virus has also attacked several companies with a mode of asking for ransom money. The following is a list of companies.

List of LockBit Ransomware Attack Companies with time limits.

1., 6 days since May 16, 2023

2., 20 days from May 15, 2023

3., 25 days from May 11, 2023

4. 25 days from 11 May 2023

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