Poco F5 Will Not Be ‘Unseen’ Items Or Difficult to Find and Easily Obtained by Buyers, Check Out the Reviews


BONSERNEWS.com – Poco promises that the Poco F5 which was just released today, Tuesday (27/6/2023), will not be a “magical” item. Goods “unseen” here means difficult to find and obtain by buyers.

According to Poco Indonesia’s Head of Marketing, Andi Renreng, the company realizes that setting a low price for the Poco F5 will make consumers enthusiastic, especially when there is an initial purchase promo (first sale) with marketplace partners.

Therefore, Poco Indonesia is working with partners, including marketplaces, so that all consumers can buy and use Poco F5.

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Poco F5 itself is priced at Rp. 4 million and has qualified specifications.

“The trick is that we limit the purchase of smartphones (which can be done). We also ensure that cellphone stock is always ready,” said Andi Renreng.

According to Andi Renreng, the number of cellphone stocks on the market is actually not a problem. The problem is that demand is too high.

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The specter of “unseen” goods itself is often a concern in the Indonesian cellphone market. Not only for vendors, but also for consumers.

This is because the desire of consumers to propose to certain cellphones is often hampered due to the availability of smartphone stock and unbalanced demand.

“So, we already have calculations regarding the distribution of these cellphones. I don’t want to speculate, but it should be in these ways, Poco F5 will not experience a shortage,” continued Andi.

Andi also mentioned that Poco F5 sales are not limited by time because they are implementing open sales, aka open sales.

So this helps the wider community who want to buy the device. ()

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