The following are tips for choosing a provider that suits your needs. Let’s look at the tips and explanations


[ad_1] – The use of the internet is now an essential need for many people in the digital era.

According to We Are Social and Meltwater’s report entitled “Digital 2023” it is known that around 77 percent of Indonesia’s population or 212.9 million people use the internet with an average time of 7 hours 42 minutes per day.

This shows how the internet has become an important part of the daily activities of the Indonesian people. However, are you sure about the internet provider you are using?

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In this article, we will discuss ways to find out whether the internet service provider you are using is right and meets your needs.

Here are five tips for choosing an internet provider from First Media, quoted in the press release, Tuesday.

1. Check the internet speed

Also Read: Following are the profiles and biodata of one of the top scorers from Indonesia at the 2023 SEA Games, who is he?

The first step that can be taken to find out whether the internet provider is correct is to check the internet speed.

This test can be done using an online speed test website such as Speedtest by Ookla or

By doing this speed test, you can find out whether the internet speed provided by the provider is as promised.

However, keep in mind that internet speed depends on several factors such as how many devices are connected to the internet at home.

For example, if there are two active internet users at home using 3-4 devices, speeds of up to 30 Mbps are sufficient for browsing and streaming.

However, if there are more than 4 devices, of course, you will need an even higher speed of internet access to carry out activities in cyberspace.

2. Check connection stability

When choosing an internet provider, not only speed needs to be considered, but the stability of the internet connection is also a crucial factor.

To test the stability of the internet connection provided by the internet provider, you can independently try streaming video or downloading large files for several days or even weeks, and record whether the internet connection is frequently interrupted or not.

In addition, internet service users can also do their own tests using free applications such as Ping and Tracert or websites such as Internet Health Test or Ping Can Be Useful.

3. Pay attention to costs and product choices

Choosing the right internet provider is not only limited to considering the quality of the internet connection, but also the cost factor and the products offered.

Each internet provider usually offers a wide selection of packages at various prices.

Therefore, before choosing the right internet provider, you should first consider your budget and then decide which package will meet your needs.

4. Be Careful in Viewing Reviews

To get more accurate information about internet providers, it is important to look for references from people around you and read reviews on social media, discussion forums, or internet review sites.

To be more accurate, carry out the verification process by trying to use several internet providers to experience first-hand the quality of the services offered.

Apart from that, you can also ask directly to the people closest to you or visit the official website of each internet provider to obtain more detailed information.

Remember that the reviews given by internet users can be influenced by many factors, so you need to cross check and carry out the verification process yourself before deciding to subscribe.

5. Customer Service

Good customer service is an important factor that needs to be taken into account in choosing an internet provider.

This is because you will often interact with internet providers in terms of product and service information, bill payments, or when technical problems occur.

With internet providers who have good customer service, apart from ensuring that we get fast and effective assistance, they will also listen and pay attention to their customers so they can provide appropriate needs.

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