The Mythical History of the Turtledove: The Mystical Side and the Beauty Behind Its Distinctive Voice Keep This Secret


[ad_1] – The turtledove, with its melodious voice that complements the morning, has become a symbol of beauty and deep meaning in culture and myths in many societies around the world.

In this article, we will explore the myths and beliefs that surround the turtle-dove and uncover the magic behind its distinctive sound.

In Javanese culture, the turtledove is a symbol of love and kindness. It is believed that the sound of the turtledove can bring happiness and prosperity to those who listen to it.

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In fact, in Javanese mythology, the turtledove is associated with the gods of love like Kamajaya, who is believed to have the ability to send messages of love to those he loves through his melodious singing.

That said, there is a story that tells that the turtledove is the only animal that first came to earth when Prophet Adam was sent down to earth.

So that Prophet Adam begged and prayed to God so that the turtledove would become one of the glorified animals.

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Apart from that, in some traditional beliefs, the turtledove is also considered to bring good luck.

In Chinese culture, for example, the turtledove is considered a symbol of success and prosperity.

People believe that having a turtledove in their home or around their residence can bring fortune and good luck to their lives.

Not only that, the turtledove also plays an important role in spiritual and religious traditions in several cultures.

In several places in India, the turtledove is considered a vehicle or vehicle for certain gods.

In Hindu belief, the turtledove is believed to be able to bring the soul of the deceased to heaven.

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