Anyone know the Night of 1 Suro? Let’s Find Out When is the Night of 1 Suro 2023, Check Out the Reviews and Full Explanations


[ad_1] – The night of 1 Suro is the beginning of the first month of the Javanese New Year which coincides with 1 Muharram in Islam.

So when exactly is this date in 2023?

As is well known, that night is a sacred moment to do good deeds.

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The Javanese calendar was first published by the Mataram King Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo (1613-1645) which refers to the Hijri (Islamic) calendar.

One Suro which is very closely related to Javanese culture.

Here are some traditions in Central Java that take place every night of 1 Suro or coincide with 1 Muharram.

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Based on this information, quotes from the Central Java Calendar of Events 2023 which was compiled by the Central Java Youth, Sports and Tourism Office, there are a number of rituals being held to welcome this special month.

Starting from the Caucasian buffalo carnival, the heirloom carnival, and so on.

Then when is the night of 1 Suro 2023. Based on the calendar, it is known that the night of 1 Suro 2023 falls on the night of July 18.

This is because the night of 1 Suro 2023 falls on July 19 2023.

In the city of Solo, there are a number of cultural rituals on the night of 1 Suro, namely the Caucasian buffalo carnival at the Keraton Kasunanan Surakarta.

In addition to the Caucasian buffalo carnival from the Solo Palace, there is also an heirloom carnival at the Mangkunegaran Solo Temple. The two cultural rituals were held on Tuesday (18/7/2023) evening

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