Recognizing the Symptoms of Anthrax: From Meat Eating Distance to Early Handling


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Anthrax disease itself is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis.

Although relatively rare, anthrax can have a serious impact on humans.

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It is important to recognize the symptoms of anthrax so that you can seek appropriate medical treatment immediately.

The following is Bonsernews, which summarizes some important information about the symptoms of anthrax and the initial treatment steps you need to know:

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1. Symptoms of Cutaneous Anthrax

Cutaneous anthrax is the most common form of this disease.

Symptoms usually appear within 1-7 days after exposure.

Early symptoms include the appearance of red nodules which then turn into boils filled with fluid.

These lesions can be painful, itchy, and may be accompanied by swollen lymph nodes around the lesion area.

If left untreated, the lesions can develop into scabs.

2. Symptoms of pulmonary anthrax

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