Many are Kepo! What clan do the Batak tribe belong to? Come see the discussion here


[ad_1] – The family name Rangkuti is a common name in Indonesia, especially in the area of ​​North Sumatra where the Batak tribe lives.

In general, the Rangkuti family name is not related to one particular clan in the Batak kinship system.

Many families or individuals use the name Rangkuti as their family name without being directly attached to a particular clan.

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In this context, Rangkuti is the last name or family name used by individuals, especially in Indonesia.

However, the question that is often asked is what clan does the Rangkuti clan belong to?

Based on information from, Rangkuti is one of the clans of the Mandailing Batak tribe.

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The Rangkuti clan, along with the Parinduri and Mardia clans, are the original descendants of Ompu Sutan Pane Paruhuman.

The large number of families or individuals who use the name Rangkuti as their family name shows the diversity and plurality of cultures in Indonesia.

This family name is part of the identity and cultural heritage that is upheld by the Batak people.

Although not directly tied to one particular clan, the use of the name Rangkuti reflects pride in their origins and family history.

As a clan within the Batak tribe, Rangkuti has strong kinship values ​​and family ties.

The surname becomes the identity of the family Which passed down from generation to generation.

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