9 Majors of this Lecture are Suitable for Introverts, Number 4 Has the Least Interaction



BONSERNEWS.com – Choosing a college major is one of the most interesting things for prospective students.

In the process, it takes various considerations in choosing a suitable college major.

These considerations are often related to the prospects for majors after graduation and the personality of prospective students.

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For introverts, choosing a college major that suits their personality can help increase comfort and success in the world of education.

Here are 9 college majors that are suitable for those with introverted traits.

1. Computer Science / Informatics Engineering

This major is suitable for introverts because most of the time is spent working alone at the computer, completing technical and programming tasks.

Interaction with others is limited, and communication is usually done by message or email.

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2. Architecture / Interior Design

Architecture or interior design students can focus on creative projects and design spaces without the need for a lot of excessive social interaction.

A lot of time is spent brainstorming, planning and working on projects independently.

3. Art and Design

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