Why are the Mayang Twins appointed and not appointed in Javanese custom? Check Here Answer


BONSERNEWS.com – The question that has been going viral lately is why twins mayang are raised and not raised in Javanese custom.

Javanese customs have various traditions and beliefs that are rich in meaning and symbolism.

One of the interesting aspects is the tradition associated with twins mayang.

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Mayang twins refer to twins who are born at the same time or with a very close difference in time.

In the Javanese tradition, twins mayang are considered to have a special meaning and are often appointed as part of traditional ceremonies.

However, the decision to adopt or not adopt a twin mayang in Javanese custom can vary depending on the beliefs and practices prevailing in the local community.

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Here are some reasons why twins mayang can be lifted or not lifted in Javanese custom.

1. Beliefs and Myths

In some Javanese traditions, Mayang twins are considered to have special powers or auras that surpass those of other twins.

They are considered to bring blessings and good luck to their families.

Therefore, in some cases, Mayang twins are appointed and given special treatment in traditional ceremonies as a form of respect and recognition of their special status.

2. Symbol of Unity and Harmony

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