Let’s Get Acquainted with Threads, This Twitter Counter Application Is Already Available on Google Playstore Playstore



BONSERNEWS.com – After conglomerate Elon Musk announced limits on the number of tweets Twitter users could read, rival apps have been trying to rake in new users.

For example, Spill, Bluesku, and Post. This opportunity was then glimpsed by the social media giant Meta to launch a similar application.

This information was published by software developer Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter last Saturday (1/7).

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It includes a screenshot explaining this text-based app already available on the Google Playstore called Threads.

In Paluzzi’s collection of tweets, it is also known that this application used to be called Barcelona which has been in development since March.

However, The Verge reports that the Facebook and Instagram parent has been working on the Threads project since January.

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The project name is ‘Project 92’. Now, the application made by Meta can be obtained via pre-order alias pre-order on the AppStore and Google Play Store.

From the trailer on the App Store, Threads will be connected to Instagram.

Therefore Threads users can use the Instagram username alias username and follow the same account as on Instagram.

Quoting TechCrunch, even though Threads is closely connected to Instagram, this application still stands alone.

The content also focuses on writing, like Twitter, but still with a typical Instagram look.

There are buttons like, comment, re-upload aka retweet a la Twitter, and share.

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