3 Messages from Bang Ogut ‘You Only Once’ for Corporate Slaves with an Entrepreneurial Spirit, Create Content First!



BONSERNEWS.com – Content creator who is famous for Instagram @mudacumasekali, Bang Ogut, shares three important messages for corporate slaves who have an interest and talent in the entrepreneurial field.

This motivation for entrepreneurship was conveyed by Bang Ogut in a video podcast uploaded by the kasisolusi YouTube channel on Wednesday, 5 July 2023.

The following is an important message for corporate slaves who want to start an entrepreneur delivered by Bang Ogut ‘You Only Once’ on the kasisolusi YouTube channel.

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1. Understand that there are transaction levels from the lowest to the highest

Bang Ogut explains in the kasisolusi podcast that our life is a cycle of transactions and there are several ‘castes’ of transactions from the lowest to the highest.

According to Bang Ogut, the lowest transaction caste is selling our time to get money.

Time transactions like this generally occur in people who work in offices.

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Furthermore, Bang Ogut explained that a higher level than transactions of time and money are transactions of services and money.

Examples of services and money transactions are usually carried out by freelance workers.

Bang Ogut then shared that one of his acquaintances, who is a masseuse, used to work at a reflexology place.

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This acquaintance of Bang Ogut finally decided to become a freelance masseuse because the services offered generated more money than the salary he received from the reflexology place earlier.

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