Why Can’t Fizzo Novels on iPhone Make Money? Turns out this is the reason



BONSERNEWS.com – Many iPhone users are wondering why the Fizzo Novel application on the iPhone cannot make money.

On this occasion, we will provide specific answers for iPhone users regarding the Fizzo Novel application that cannot make money.

Fizzo Novel is one of the popular novel reading applications and is often used by many people as an additional source of income.

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Users can make money through this application by completing the missions provided.

These missions include doing check in diaries, reading novel content, inviting friends, and other tasks.

Even though this application is interesting and is one of the money-making applications that attracts people’s attention in 2023.

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Many users complain about the problems or problems they experience.

One obstacle that often arises is the inability of their devices, especially iPhones, to make money through the Fizzo Novel application.

There are several possibilities that can cause smartphone devices such as iPhones to be unable to make money through the Fizzo application.

One of the reasons is because the Fizzo Novel application does not support use on iPhone devices through the App Store.

The Fizzo Novel application has been officially released for Android devices through the Play Store.

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