What is Dido CCTV? Becoming a Viral Trend on TikTok That Makes You Crazy, Here’s the Explanation


BONSERNEWS.com – What is CCTV Dido which is viral on TikTok? so the trend of young people who make baper.

CCTV Dido has been in the spotlight after being made a video trend by a number of users on TikTok.

Dido’s CCTV trend has been used by a number of users in his videos to circulate on Fyp.

The video containing Dido’s CCTV then raises a series of questions, starting from what it means, its origins, to the explanation.

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Dido’s CCTV trend is known to have been used by a number of users and has been broadcast up to millions of times on TikTok.

Even so, apparently many people are curious about the meaning and intent of Dido’s CCTV trend.

So what’s really going on with Dido’s CCTV trend?

Here’s the full review.

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The Origins and Meaning of Dido’s CCTV Trends

Summarized by Bonsernews.com, Dido’s CCTV trend apparently comes from the Highlight Story of a presenter named Muhammad Pradana Budiarto alias Ditto Percussion.

He, who is the husband of Ayudia Bing Slamet, often records his wife’s actions secretly and collects them in special highlights on Instagram.

The highlight of the Story is called Ditto with the term ‘CCTV Dido’

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