Truth Social and Mastodon, Other Social Media Substitutes for Twitter Without Reaching Limits for iOS and Android


[ad_1] – After the implementation of the limit, some Twitter users started looking for a replacement and switched to other social media such as Truth and Mastodon.

Several social media users affected by this limit decided to use Truth and Mastodon as a substitute for Twitter.

Truth and Mastodon also don’t apply limits to user accounts so many use them as a substitute for Twitter.

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According to The New York Times, Truth Social is a social media platform created by the Trump Media & Technology Group.

The company was founded by the former President of the United States, Donald Trump in October 2021.

Truth is an alternative social media to Twitter that promotes freedom of expression on its platform.

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Truth was first released in February 2022 for iOS via the Apple Store and for Android via the Google Play Store.

Truth users can create posts named ‘Truth’ (like a tweet) and can also share user posts via the ‘ReTruths’ feature (like a retweet).

Like Twitter, Truth users can create a new account by clicking register on the application or website.

The user will then be asked to enter a date of birth and also an active email address.

After verifying the email, the user will then be directed to set the desired username and password.

Users can then write their name, bio, and upload the desired profile and header photo.

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