Train Accidents Happen Often Until Now, Here’s a Summary of Deadly Train Accidents in the World


[ad_1] – Tragedy of train accidents is still common today. A recent train accident occurred in India.

Apart from India, a number of deadly train accidents have also occurred in a number of countries. The Queen of the Sea Land tragedy is one of the most heartbreaking.

Not only did thousands of people die, this incident was very sad because the cause was a natural disaster that was thousands of kilometers from the scene.

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The train accident tragedy that occurred in Odisha, India, was caused by a collision.
The collision occurred around 19:00 local time on Friday.

It all started when the Howrah Superfast Express, which was operating from Bangalore to Howrah, West Bengal, collided with the Coromandel Express, which was operating from Kolkata to Chennai.

This collision event became the most fatal tragedy in India. Prior to the Odisha incident, India was also rocked several times by train accidents that killed hundreds of people.

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Apart from India, deadly train accidents have also occurred several times in Indonesia. One of the most tragic is the 1987 Bintaro Tragedy which killed 153 people. Here are some of the deadly train accidents in the world:

1. Sri Lanka (26 December 2004)

Queen of the Sea Land was hit by a tsunami while cruising along the coast of Peraliya. This incident was caused by a natural disaster not human error or machine failure.

Where the train accident started this train was hit by two tsunami waves and around 1,700 passengers could not escape.

This train that was moving from Colombo to Galle was destroyed by the tsunami and entered the ocean with all passengers dead. Many of the passengers were monks who were about to celebrate the New Year’s holiday.

2. Bihar, India (6 June 1981)

The train fell into the Bagmati River while crossing a bridge. This accident killed 750 people and became the worst accident in India.

3. Saint-Michel-de-Maurienne, France (12 December 1917)

French troops who wanted to celebrate Christmas at their homes were mobilized by the government by combining carriages from two trains into one train only.

This efficiency makes the brake mechanism also economical because only the first three carriages have air brakes.

While crossing the Alps, the driver applied the brakes but the brakes overheated and started a fire.

After 4 miles, the first carriage derailed and the carriages behind it followed and crashed into each other. Due to the magnitude of the fire, only 425 bodies were identified out of a total of 1,000 victims.

4. Ciurea Station in Romania (13 January 1917)

Railroad trains filled with refugees and wounded soldiers fleeing the German occupation of World War I.

Approaching Ciurea Station, the high speed train intended to stop suddenly to avoid colliding with another train in front of it.

However, the attempt failed and instead caused a collapse and complicated a fire that eventually killed nearly 1,000 people.

5. Guadalajara, Mexico (January 22, 1915)

The events that claimed the lives of more than 600 people began when President Carranza ordered his family and troops to occupy his newly won Guadalajara.

On January 22, the overcrowded Train was going downhill at high speed and the driver lost control of the locomotive.

This condition caused the train to derail and go off the track until it fell into a cliff, including people hanging from the carriages.

6. Ufa, Russia (June 4, 1989)

This train accident tragedy occurred on June 4, when there was a leak in the LPG network. Because the pressure was dropping, the repair team increased the pressure and created a thick cloud of propane gas around the tracks instead of looking for and patching the leak.

Two trains pass through the city of Ufa-Asha, carrying around 1,200 passengers.

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