This is the reason the song ‘Albi Ya Albi’ differs in pronunciation from the writing


[ad_1] – The song Albi Ya Albi which is currently popular, is an Arabic song sung by Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram.

The song Albi Ya Albi which means “My Heart, O My Heart” has a difference between the writing and the pronunciation.

The writing on the song Albi Ya Albi is “Qalbi Ya Qalbi”.

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Why is this different between the writing in the title of the song and the pronunciation when it is sung?

Here’s the explanation.

Arabic is spread all over the world.

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It has a captivating uniqueness that evolves and adapts and influences various art forms namely music.

In Arabic there are two forms of language, namely Arabic Fusha and Ammiyah.

Fusha Arabic is the standard Arabic used in academia, media and formal communications.

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Ammiyah Arabic is colloquial Arabic, that is, the everyday language spoken by Arabs.

Unlike Fusha Arabic, Ammiyah Arabic varies widely from region to region, and has different dialects and accents.

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