The following is an explanation of what exactly is anthrax, then the types and symptoms of anthrax, see the reviews


[ad_1] – Anthrax is currently a special concern for the government, especially the Ministry of Health.

This was after the disease caused dozens of positive residents and 3 residents of Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta, to die some time ago.

It is known that there were three residents of Gunungkidul who died after consuming beef, which previously died due to illness.

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What’s worse, the first victim in this case, was able to distribute the beef to other residents.

So that it was inevitable, dozens of residents also tested positive.

So, what exactly is anthrax? Here’s the review:

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Reporting from the Alodoctor website, Ministry of Health, anthrax is a bacterial infection that attacks livestock such as cows or goats.

Even though it attacks animals, it is not impossible that this disease can be transmitted to humans if they consume meat from animals infected with anthrax.

Even so, until now there has been no case that proves that anthrax can spread between humans.

The following are the types of anthrax that you need to know:

Anthrax, which arises from the bacterium Bacillus anthracis, generally attacks three parts of humans, namely the skin, digestion and respiration.

Anthrax on the skin may occur when a person has an open wound on their skin, and has direct contact with an animal infected with anthrax.

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