Note! Here are the Signs and Characteristics of a Dog Affected by Rabies, Along with the First Treatment If Bitten

0 – Rabies is a disease that can attack mammals such as dogs, cats, monkeys, and even humans.

Rabies cannot be cured but can be prevented if we recognize the signs and characteristics of animals affected by rabies, especially dogs and cats.

If we have recognized the signs and characteristics of rabid animals, then we can take the first precautions or treatment if bitten by a dog with rabies.

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Reporting from the official website of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, rabies or mad dogs is an acute infectious disease that attacks the central nervous system.

Rabies is caused by Lyssavirus from the Rhabdoviradae family which is found in the saliva of rabies-infecting animals.

Generally, rabies is transmitted through bites, scratches, and licks on injured skin by animals infected with rabies.

98% of rabies cases are transmitted by dogs and the rest are transmitted by other animals such as cats and monkeys.

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If you don’t get help, rabies can result in death for those exposed to the virus.

Reporting from the official website of VCA Animal Hospitals, the first phase in dogs exposed to rabies is marked by drastic changes in behavior.

Dogs that were normally quiet became active, and dogs that were active became shy.

After this initial phase, rabies is then divided into 2 types, the malignant type and the quiescent type.

In the malignant type of rabies, the dog becomes aggressive and very excited and shows a high level of appetite so that anything will be eaten, be it rocks, dirt, or garbage.

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