Men from Which Countries Have the Longest Penis Size During an Erection on Average in Centimeters?

0 – Regarding vital organs, men from Indonesia are slightly superior to men from countries in Southeast Asia.

According to the World of Statistics, when erect, the penis of Indonesian men can reach an average of 11.67 cm.

Meanwhile, men from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Cambodia have penis lengths of 11.53 cm, 11.49 cm, 11.45 cm, 10.85 cm, 10.70 cm, respectively. and 10.04 cm when erect.

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Then, which country’s men have the longest penis size in erection?

Maybe you think that men from Africa or Europe have the longest penis size. Your estimate is not correct.

Apparently, the longest penis when erect is owned by men from Ecuador, which is located in South America.

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When erect, the male genitalia in the countries mentioned above can reach an average of 17.61 cm, 6 cm longer than the penis owned by Indonesian men.

For Africa, men from Cameroon have penis sizes that are longer than those of men from other African countries with sizes that can reach 16.67 cm.

For Europe, men from the Netherlands have the longest penis size among other European men with 15.87 cm.

How about men from France and Italy, who, according to many women in the world, are very romantic?

Men from the two European countries have genitals measuring 15.74 cm and 15.35 cm respectively.

In this case, they are superior to men in the United States, who have a penis size of 13.58 cm when erect.

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