Frequent Error 191? Try Re-Verifying BCA Mobile to Overcome Incompatible Data Problems


[ad_1] – The problem of error 191 data that does not match when accessing BCA Mobile is a problem for some users, the way to solve it is to re-verify.

BCA Mobile re-verification is the right step to solve the error 191 data problem when accessing the BCA Mobile application.

BCA Mobile is a digital banking platform that allows users to make various transactions easily, such as balance checks, transfers, top up and payment.

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Some users may experience problems when they receive a notification from BCA asking them to re-verify BCA Mobile through the about menu.

This notification can be an obstacle for users who want to use BCA m-banking services smoothly.

Some users may feel confused about the intent and purpose of the notification.

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This problem arises when the data entered does not match, so the system cannot continue the request to activate.

Several reasons can cause error 191 to appear, including:

1. The cellphone number registered to BCA Mobile is inactive or not detected on the cellphone.

2. The data entered when registering and activating M-banking BCA is incorrect.

3. The registered SIM card is not installed in the SIM slot.

To overcome this problem, there are several steps that can be followed:

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