Elon Musk Implements Rate Limit Policy on Twitter, Limiting the Number of Tweets Viewed by Users per Day



BONSERNEWS.com – Twitter social media users are being horrified by Elon Musk’s tweet regarding policy rate limit which will limit the number of tweets a user sees per day.

Policy rate limit This was implemented by Twitter CEO Elon Musk and will result in limiting the number of tweets that can be viewed by users.

Elon Musk said that this rate limit policy will limit the number of tweets that can be viewed on timeline depending on the user account type.

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He conveyed this through his personal Twitter account @elonmusk on Sunday, 2 July 2023.

The Twitter CEO will divide Twitter account users into three categories, namely verified accounts, unverified accounts, and new unverified accounts.

The three account categories will get a tweet limit that can be seen per day respectively.

Verified or blue ticked accounts will get a limit to view 6000 tweets per day.

Meanwhile, unverified regular accounts will get a limit to view 600 posts per day.

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Meanwhile, a new Twitter account that has not been verified can only see 300 posts per day.

Elon also gave reasons that he was limiting tweets which could be seen as an attempt to deal with extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation.

After some time, Elon then added a limit to the number of tweets that can be seen by users.

First he raised the limit to 8000 tweets for verified accounts, 800 tweets for unverified accounts and 400 tweets for new accounts.

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