Cybersecurity Company CloudSEK Finds Hundreds of Malicious Apps That Have Been Infiltrated by Malware

0 – Cybersecurity firm CloudSEK found hundreds of malicious apps that have been compromised by malware.

The application is said to harm users’ personal data, spy on smartphone activity, retrieve sensitive information, such as passwords or bank account information.

The most risk The CloudSEK research team claims to have found 101 applications compromised by Malware called SpinOK Android.

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However, they found another number of other applications that were also infected with the Malware. There are at least 193 other applications, in addition to the previous 101 applications.

The hundreds of applications are predicted to have been downloaded 400 million times. However, many applications are no longer active in the Play Store app store.

Researchers say that the remaining 43 applications are still active on the Google Play Store. In line with CloudSEK, a cybersecurity company, Dr. The Web also detects the same malicious software.

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In fact, this software has the ability to spy on user devices (spyware). Both CloudSEK and Dr. Web said the malware was disguised as an advertising Software Development Kit (SDK) and had infiltrated various Android apps on the Google Play Store.

“On the surface, the SpinOK module is designed to entice the user to stay in the app with the help of mini games, task systems, rewarded games or rewarded images,” explains the researcher from Dr. Web.

The SpinOK module contained in the application will work in the background of the application. The system will check and confirm device sensor data, whether the system is running Android application detectors that are considered dangerous or not.

If the sensor system has been confirmed to be inactive, the application will connect to the remote server to download the URL list.

The list of URLs is useful for displaying mini games or advertisements in the application to hold the user longer in the application.()

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