‘CHAOTIC’! The Public Is Busy About the Name of the DPR Building on Google Maps, Let’s See How to Edit Place Names on Google Maps



BONSERNEWS.com – Recently, the public has been busy discussing the name of the DPR Building in Senayan Jakarta in the Google Maps application marked differently.

Written ‘Tie Rat Palace’ to ‘Sleeping Man’s Building’, on Monday (3/7/2023).

You can see several writings for the parliament building, namely ‘Puan Megawati’s Rat Spot’, ‘Building of the Largest Corruption Person in Asia’, to ‘Rat Industrial Park’.

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In writing there are some missing. Those that still remain include: the writings of ‘State Trash’, ‘Today’s Colonizers’, to ‘Sleeping Bull’.

Google actually does provide a feature that anyone can edit information on Google Maps.

Like a place name, location or other details.

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How do you edit place names on Google Maps?

Open Google Maps Maps. Search for a place or select it on the map.

Select Suggest edit and then Change name or other details.

Follow the on-screen instructions to submit your feedback.

Until now, it is not known who marked this information about the Parliament Building. ()

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