Anyone Know the Definition of Diaspora? The following explains the definition of diaspora and examples of Indonesian diaspora

0 – Advances in science and technology as well as the ease of access that can be obtained have encouraged people to move from one country to another.

This is based on various goals, such as the hope of obtaining a better life, continuing studies, assignments, work, developing careers, and various other reasons.

This movement from one country to another is called diaspora.

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In short, Diaspora are migrants or people who leave their homeland to go to other countries in search of a better life than in their area or in their own country.

Today the number of Indonesian diaspora is quite large, the majority are in Malaysia and Middle Eastern countries where most of them work as TKW or TKI.

The following is information about what Diaspora is, which has been summarized by

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The following is the meaning of Diaspora according to experts

1. Sujatmiko (2014)

Mention diaspora as a term that refers to ethnic nations or residents who are forced or compelled to leave their traditional ethnic Homeland.

Their distribution in various other parts of the world and their development resulted due to their distribution and culture.

2. Missbach (2011)

Defining diaspora as a process of identity formation for a group of people – individuals and communities who are outside their homeland as a form of aspiration and recognition in the midst of the political conditions of the country of origin and the receiving country.

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