After Viral Cheating Through the Ojol Application, Netizens Share Cheating Stories via Google Docs and Figma

0 – After the viral case of an artist who cheated through an online motorcycle taxi chat application, now a new way of cheating has emerged, namely via Google Docs and Figma.

Google docs and Figma, which are work applications, are actually used by some people for cheating.

The story was shared by a netizen on Twitter, @BanyuSadewa, who told the story of his friend who cheated on him via Google Docs.

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“In fact, there have been many cases of cheating via online motorcycle taxi chat applications do it,” write the account as an opener.

Do you know what my first friend and his mistress talked about? google docs,” continued the account again.

He then told that his friend chatted with his mistress through sharing documents on Google Docs.

Sharing documents on Google Docs does allow several users to edit documents in one file via the Google Docs website/application.

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This feature is usually used to work together on a project to make coordination easier.

However, it turns out that this feature is actually used to chat and give news to the mistress.

Literally he’s chatting with his mistresses by typing in documents shared on google docs,wrote the account @BanyuSadewa.

The conversation isn’t intense. Just type to make an appointment, just let me know. But I swear to me really mindblown,he said again.

Apart from using the Google Docs application, other netizens also share stories of other unusual affairs through the comments column.

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