2 Free Nobar Application Recommendations, Must Download on Your Smartphone!



BONSERNEWS.com – The free nobar application is another alternative way for couples who are LDR.

This free nobar application has many advantages, here are 2 free nobar application recommendations for you to download on your smartphone.

You must download this free nobar application on your smartphone! Many interesting features and a variety of films in it.

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Here are 2 free nobar applications that you need to watch together with your partner.

1. Raves

Rave is an application that can create its own visual space, both watching with your partner or with friends.

You can download Rave via the Play Store or iOS. After downloading it you just need login using e-mail.

After you log in, you must first download the film and save it on the G-Drive.

Only then can you create a separate room and share the movies you watch through link rave.

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Not only that, Rave has streaming features for Youtube, Netflix, Prime, Playlist, G-Drive, Web, Photo, Vimeo, Rave DJ, karaoke, likes And history.

Rave is also feature-packed chat And mic so you can interact with your partner or friends.

All you have to do is choose which features you want to use, adjust to your needs and have fun using the Rave application.

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