10 Tips for Authors in Finding a Source of Income from Traffic Pageviews and Google Ad Revenue



BONSERNEWS.com – Here are 10 tips that can help writers find sources of income from pageviews traffic and Google ad revenue:

1. Focus on quality content

High quality and relevant content will attract more readers and increase the number of pageviews. Make sure the content you create is informative, interesting, and provides added value to readers.

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2. Optimize SEO

Learn search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to make sure your content is easy for searchers to find on Google. Use relevant keywords, write attractive meta descriptions, and pay attention to an SEO friendly URL structure.

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3. Promote content actively

Take advantage of social media, email marketing and other platforms to promote your content. By expanding the reach of your promotion, you can attract more visitors and increase your traffic pageviews.

4. Use Google AdSense

Register and place Google AdSense ads on your site or blog. AdSense will display ads that are relevant to your content, and you’ll earn from each click or impression of an ad that appears on your page.

5. Pay attention to the design and layout

Make sure your site layout is comfortable and easy to navigate. Use a responsive design to ensure a good user experience across devices.

6. Data analysis

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